Best mountain bikes under 200 dollars

Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 – Beginners Bike Guide

Human beings are always different with each preferring something different needs with unique tastes and preferences. This is their nature, being choosy. They go for the best from the given options. It is not an exception when it comes to mountain bikes too?

Well, what is a mountain bike? For those who are new to bikes, this is a bike designed for off-road cycling.

Despite their name, not all mountains bikes are designed to go up and down the mountain. At the same time, not every person who buys a mountain bike wants to cycle up and down the mountain either.

But for those who would love to explore and get some time off the tarmac, be sure to try out the following mountain bikes; cross country mountain bikes, which are the most common.

You can also go for All mountain/ Enduro mountain bikes, if you are not in a position to make out what bike you want, this will be your best choice as it never goes wrong, Downhill mountain bikes, designed are for riders who just want the downhill riding experience, Freeride mountain bikes, almost similar to Downhill bikes and finally Dirt Jump bikes which come as a blend of Freeride and BMX.

There being several types of mountain bikes, I will discuss the best ones from the many tried out in that one decade. You can try out either depending on what you want to do with the bike.

Be keen of their features for the suitable choice, since some of these bikes have almost similar specifications but serve very different purposes. Make your choice wisely and enjoy your riding.

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars

Do not just hope into a shop and grab any bike that looks appealing to your eyes. You might end up regretting which is not what you wish for. Consider the following things any time you want to buy the best mountain bike.


Each bike has a special feature that makes it different from the rest. Pick one that has all the features you want so that it satisfies your needs. Do not be convinced to buy what you think will not suit. After all, you are the buyer.


Choose one that has strong wheels so that it can endure the harsh terrain you will maneuver.


Purchase what you can. Go for a quality bike whose price is easy for you to afford. You do not need an expensive bike so long as it has the features that suite you.

Bike Style​

Different riding styles have different bike styles. Know your riding style before you buy a bike. This ensures that you are comfortable when riding.


A bike size that fits your size is the best.

Our Top 5 Bikes Under 200

This is a bike that will never disappoint you. I began my mountain bike riding journey with this one and trust me I still remember that firs day off the tarmac. We all know that what we wish never to forget are the good memories. Those that get you nostalgic. I bet everyone has something to relate to when I mention the word nostalgia.

This bike features various parts that make it very functional. It has an assembled front wheel that has a quick release button, therefore, there are no tools require attaching the wheel. Pedal threads differ from the left side and right side.

To avoid confusion, L/R signs have been labeled on the pedals, therefore, ensure that you fix the right pedal at the right place. The right-side pedal contains a right-hand thread that removes counterclockwise and installs clockwise while the left side pedal has a left-hand thread that removes clockwise and installs counterclockwise.

Both pedals should be threaded into the crank arms as far as you can be using your hands. Ensure that you completely tighten them with the wrench. If you do not tighten the pedals well, thy will damage the threads and the mess is an expense not so small. Be very careful with this as it will help you save some pennies.

There is no much work needed after purchasing this bike as it comes 85% assembled. All you need to do is just install the pedals, front wheel, handlebars and finally air up the tires and you are good to go.


  • Great size
  • Good speed
  • Easy to ride


  • A little heavy

Have you been on the look out of the best mountain bike to get your husband or boyfriend on his coming birthday? Well, are you a man looking for a great mountain bike at a good price? Here is what you have been looking for.

Mongoose cache has been the bike commonly used by athletes, and I believe you have seen how easy they make it look like to ride this bike off the tarmac.

The Mongoose Cache has amazing features that make it the perfect choice for mountain riders. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and alloy rims and 21 speeds that suit all types of riding. A powerful braking system is provided by the linear pull rear brake and disc front brake. Its riding position is very comfortable and athletic as well.


  • Comfortable
  • Great brakes
  • Lightweight


  • Favors athletes

Riding can never feel the same once you own this bike. It has a dual suspension frame, 21 speed Shimano Revo Shifters and Index Derailleur, Alloy rims and linear pull brakes for a great braking power.

Though it is designed for men, women can also try it out to explore their riding tactics. You might it find it better than the one designed for women. Remember human beings are still choosy and whatever is good for you might not be for another person. This is just the truth of nature.

The bike is not assembled, but it requires only a few minutes to assemble it if you have the mechanical skills. If any problem arises, you can contact a professional mechanic to help you out. In case you are riding it home right after buying, the dealer will help you assemble the bike.


  • Cheap
  • Light
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not decent

If you are a man and consider yourself a bike rider, I will assume you own this bike as it sounds like a necessity to me. The features that make up this wonderful bike are the best I have ever come across. Its functionality makes it irresistible.

Starting with its 21 speed and three-piece, high-performance crank, this bike is great for men who want to take their riding to the core. It has a full suspension with fork design to enable the rider to cycle easily.

It contains hyper graphics for an authentic appearance, Shimano components, a padded seat that enhances comfort and a well-polished aluminum frame. The gears are quick to shift. This bike can hold 275 pounds on it and can be used by men who are 6" plus.


  • Beautiful
  • Good brakes
  • Nice size
  • Good performance


  • Expensive

This is an advanced design of a Merax 26" Dual Disc Brakes 21 speed Mountain Bike. It does not require much of explanation since most of its features match those of the Merax Dual Disc. The threads and pedals are fixed just as explained above on the Merax Dual.

The only special feature on this bike is the suspension fork with a lockout. This enhances its ease to ride. The bike is also 85% assembled, therefore, assembly and tuning is essential. You can decide to do it yourself or hire a professional mechanic to assemble it for you. It is not a difficult task anyway.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to ride
  • Beautiful
  • Great functionality


  • It is difficult to adjust the fork

Final Words

I have been riding for more than ten years, and I can assure you that owning some mountain bikes is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Find out what you need so that you choose the type of bike that will match your requirements.

Do not be in a rush since there are thousands of bike designs and you might end up mixing up yourself.

Talking from experience, mountain bikes are fun and smooth to ride off the tarmac. I would suggest you get yourself one or even more if you love to explore a terrain that looks difficult to ride through.

I was a little scared first time I went mountain riding with my friends, but I can assure you it is safe if you have the riding skills. Don't be surprised to be an expect within a very a short period. You can try out any of these great and affordable bikes for the most fun of the experience.​

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