Best Mountain Bike Locks - Ultimate locks review

​There has been an increase in bike robbery in recent times. Purchasing a bicycle is one of the most important investments you can make.

​Therefore, you should find the necessary ways to protect it. Good mountain bike locks will go a long way in ensuring that you deter petty thieves and those with the expertise and tools to break them.

​Quality locks are an excellent way to protect your bike from robbers, anywhere you are. These bike locks are small enough to fit in your backpack when you go out, making them the best way to protect your bike.

In this article, we are going to review the best mountain bikes lock available on the market today, and we are also going to discuss their respective advantages and disadvantage and finally how to choose the best mountain bike lock.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Locks

​All bike locks can be broken, but if you have a sturdy lock, you will reduce the risk of your bicycle being stolen.

There are very may locks available on the market; this would leave a potential buyer confused which one to choose the best one. Keep reading, and I will guide you through the simple steps to assure you get an ideal lock your bicycle.


​The cheaper the lock, the most inferior the security it will provide. Therefore, do not go for cheap priced locks if you live in insecure places.

​The Size of the Cable

​The thinner the wire, the weaker it is and vice versa. Most bike owners go for bike locks because they are portable, but this is only good news to the robber since it will be easier for him to break it.

Keep It Simple​

You will pay more if you go for high-quality lock brands, which you might not need. If you are planning to spend less on a lock go for ones with low specifications but all keep in mind the location where you live, if you live in a dangerous area you will need to spend more on a high-quality lock.

UShake Bike Lock Cable, 4-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling

This lock has an easy to set combination. It is the only four-digit combination for locking. It offers a keyless convenience and comes with a free mounting bracket for easy transportation.

UShake Bike lock cable also provides you easy to set number combination that you can personalize with a name that you can easily remember.

It is also a multipurpose lock because you can use it to secure your skateboards, gates and fences, sports equipment, lawn mower, toolboxes, and ladders.

The UShake Bike lock comes with a flexible cable that gives you excellent resistance and is PVC coated to prevent it from scratching and making it more durable.


  • It has a protective coating that protects it from scratches.
  • It also has durable braided steel cable that offers it high cut resistance.
  • Its four-digit combination allows 10000 possibilities, making it impossible to crack.
  • It only weighs 0.7 pounds making it light, therefore; you can carry it in your backpack.


  • It is short. It has a length of only 4 feet making it impossible to secure around trees and other large objects.
  • It is not secure as compared to other devices. Thieves can still cut it and pry its lock quickly.

Bike Lock, Amazer Bike Chain Lock

This lock is convenient, you do not require keys to open it, and you just need combinations. The lack of keys makes comfortable to carry. You can easily attach the lock on seat posts and cross bars when you are not using it.

The bike lock, amazer bike chain lock can be reset quickly. You can easily personalize the four-digit combination.​

It is multipurpose, which means you can use it for bicycles, ladders tool boxes and sports equipment. You can save on buying more locks to secure these things.

It made of high-quality chains enclosed in a weatherproof cloth sleeve. The weatherproof fabric sleeve will protect your belongings from scratches and will extend the life of the chain. Besides, this weatherproof fabric sleeve will protect your chain from being cut by a saw or a drill.

It is 39 inches long, and its link is 1.66" long and about 0.23" thick and weighs only 1.55 pounds. These dimensions make it easier to carry in your bag.


  • It has a weatherproof fabric sleeve that protects the chain and your bike from scratches.
  • The lock made of zinc alloy cylinder with and ABS shell.
  • It has large combination numbers that make it easier to see without glasses.
  • The combinations can be personalized.


  • It is short, therefore; it is not suitable for locking your bike on tree trunks.

UShake Basic Self Coiling Resettable Cable Bike Locks

This lock has an easy to set combination. It is the only four-digit combination for locking. It offers a keyless convenience and comes with a free mounting bracket for easy transportation.

The bike lock cable is easy to set and personalize your number combination.​

 The personalizes number combination makes it more secure because you only know the name.

It is multipurpose; this means you can use it to secure your bicycles gates and fences, skateboards, grills and lawn mowers, toolboxes and ladders and sports equipment.

It has flexible steel cables that are difficult to cut and coated with PVC to prevent it from scratching and making it more durable.

It is 1.8 meters long making it ideal for securing your bike on trees.


  • It has a protective coating that prevents scratching.
  • It also has durable braided cable that is hard to cut.
  • It has a four-digit combination that allows 10000 possibilities; this makes it impossible to crack.
  • Its six feet, therefore, it is long enough to tie your front and back tires.


  • It is not entirely secure.
  • The four-digit is easy to change and could be exploited by a potential thief.

Bukm Security Anti-theft Bicycle Chain Lock

This lock is sturdy, attractive, and easy to handle. It is multi-purpose which means you can use it to secure your fence and gates, skateboards, sports equipment, lawn mowers and grills toolboxes and ladders.

It is 36 inches long making it perfect for securing your bike anywhere. 

It is small enough to carry on your bicycle tote bag, or you can just wrap it around the seat post.​ It also has a useful combination code eliminating the need for keys. It only uses five-character password, which makes it extremely safe.

It also features a black cover nylon that coats the chain and hard enough not to rip under normal use. This cover plastic also keeps the chain from scratching the bike's frame or pinching your legs.


  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • It is also light as compared to other bike locks.
  • It is very easy to change the lock code.
  • It is long and allows you to tie your bike around thick poles.


  • It is thin.
  • The chain is lightweight.
  • The outer plastic looks flimsy and can easily break.

Kinetiplex Universal 5 Digit Combination Code Bicycle Cable Lock

This lock is incredibly easy to use and store because it is light. You can carry it in your bag or on your bike. It is made of high-quality steel and ABS polymers and cannot be picked.

It is three foot long which you can tie both tires on your bike; this length allows you to lock your bike on large poles.​

It comes with a five digit re settable combination that makes it harder for any would-be bike thief to crack.

It is multi-purpose which means you can use it to lock your gate, skateboards, ladders and much more. It is also cheap as compared to other locks.


  • Very nice lock that fits in a backpack.
  • The sturdy cable is 3 feet long.
  • It has a five digit changeable code.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The security lock covered in plastic.

Final Words

It is a fact that bike theft is on the increase. Robbers have increased sophistication in disabling bike locks. Some tools can break a lock fast. Therefore, you need a secure lock that will deter a would-be thief.

These five bike locks will offer you top notch security. Therefore choose one that is suitable for your location, and your will not have sleepless nights.

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